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Who are we

Proshort is a short form video platform for professionals defining the future of knowledge consumption. It replaces the casual coffee/water cooler conversations with high utility videos for information workers, fuelling their growth as professionals within an enterprise or outside.

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  • Proshort beta.
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Short Videos

Research shows that short videos are significantly more effective for new knowledge acquisition.

Highly Personalised

Proshorts' sophisticated algorithm personalizes video feed based on your interests for a tailored experience.

Enterprise Ready

Proshort integrates leading enterprise tools like Slack, Teams, and Google Workspace making it an ideal choice for professionals.

Join the Team

  • Proshort was started by a team with deep expertise in building scalable internet products. Our team members have worked on and anchored projects at organizations such as Facebook, Uber, Yahoo, and Microsoft.
  • If you are ambitious, motivated and a self-starter looking to become a part of the next social media evolution, email your CV to career@proshort.ai or drop a message through our contact page.
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