with Short Videos

Invigorate engagement across distributed teams.
Communicate with authenticity. Make learning fun.



of people think video as a form of content is becoming more important for their organization


more likely younger employees want more visual communication at work.


of employees are better at completing a task if communicated via videos.

About Us

Proshort+ is defining the Future of Work. We transform the way workgroups connect and collaborate using the magic of short videos! Our new generation short-form video app brings the best of consumer models to enterprise customers taking employee productivity and business impact to new levels.

How Proshort+ Helps Organizations?

Leadership Broadcast

  • Adds authenticity and human touch to leadership communication.

  • Improves transparency in leadership’s decision making.

  • Async biteable communication over video reduces meetings and improves productivity across the organization.

Employee Engagement

  • Feed format eliminates organizational boundaries and takes employees out of silos.

  • Employee recognition become very visual, interactive and engaging.

  • Ensure latest HR policy updates or announcements reach all employees.

Learning & Development

  • Bite sized content is perfect for short attention span of today’s GenZ employees.

  • Peer learning is best form of learning than traditional one way flow of knowledge.

  • Inspires every employee to share knowledge and innovative ideas.

Visual Merchandizing

  • Show product displays, arrangements and store layout effectively with short videos.

  • Facilitate and easily align your team with quick updates on promotions, new products or any changes in visual merchandising guidelines.

  • Recognize outstanding efforts of team members by giving visibility to their videos for everyone to adopt best practices.

Unfiltered Market Intelligence

  • Gather unfiltered employee opinions/feedback on new products or campaigns to make necessary adjustments early.

  • Capture unique localized trends through videos to tailor your offerings to specific markets.

  • Customer interaction videos provide more insights into customer sentiments and pain-points thus helping in improving products/services.

Key Features

Easy Video Creation

Our suite of AI creation tools on desktop and simple camera features in mobile app makes communication over videos super easy!

Admin Control & Analytics

Our web based admin interface allows you to organize both users and content the way you want. Detailed analytics unlocks insights you have never seen!

Content Accessibility

Our feed runs on a personalization algorithm at scale and our advance search goes through the video transcription as well for better search results!

Data Security

As an organization, we respect your privacy and secures your data with best available market practices.